Matariki - A new year begins...

Matariki for me is a time to reflect, look back to look ahead, and be grateful for all I have in the present.

This time the blog is a little different, as it is a little more personal, and is a look back on the year that has passed and some changes that are on the horizon!

So to recap here's some of the topics from the last year on the blog -

  • Tips for practicing yoga online
  • Rest is rongoā - rest is medicine.
  • Wish upon a star - Hiwa- i- te- rangi - the wishing star
  • Fall in love with your breath - yoga for stress
  • He iti noa ana, he pito mata-  From the withered tree a flower blooms - finding the right teacher for you.



As I recall a year ago we were in lockdown, and all classes were held online with the studio closed. So the blogs on tips for practicing online, and the benefits, were needed. I hope you found some of the tips useful.


We all adapted, and some even discovered they were completely happy with this new way of accessing the classes, and have...

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Rest is rongoā - rest is your medicine



There is a saying - listen to your body whisper so you won't have to listen to it scream...


Intentionally resting - like taking time out for mindful movement, meditation or guided deep relaxation, is a gift to give yourself in order to keep your cup full, and inner light shining brightly.


'Intentional rest' is not the same as relaxing on the couch in front of the tv, having a glass of wine, or going out with a friend. The benefits are different.


It is a practice of self care that takes you into a certain state, brain waves are at a certain frequency, and the body - mind is better able to heal, let go, release tension, improve interoception and process life. 


By practicing mindful yoga and guided deep relaxation you are taking that time to focus on intentional rest, your well-being, and refilling your cup. 


Adopting a balanced approach and incorporating nurturing practices into your lifestyle you can counter the effects of...

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Reset, Renew, Refocus !

Ngā mihi o te tau hōu ki a koe! - Happy New Year to you!

And welcome to Kohitātea - or the eighth month ( January at the time of writing ) according to the maramataka māori.


The Maramataka is the moon phases that māori lived by pre-colonisation, and also today many māori and non- māori are turning back to it's wisdom, for planting crops, fishing and hunting, and doing other activities such as hui, or resting verses being active. 


To me, as a wahine, it makes perfect sense to be in tune with the moons subtle yet powerful energy and flow. That energy which effects our environment, the oceans, the plants and animals, us,  as we are a part of the environment, and so it is natural to be in rhythm and harmony with it.


So whether you consider it to be the 1st month of the year, or the eighth, a way that I like to combine the two systems (because we are all living within the Gregorian calendar too), is to think of this time as a time to take stock,...

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