Rest is Rongoā - Rest is Medicine - Intentional Rest for Wellbeing


Intentional Rest - 

There is a saying - listen to your body whisper so you won't have to listen to it scream...


Intentional rest - like taking time out for mindful movement, meditation or guided deep relaxation, is something you can practice in order to keep your cup full and inner light shining brightly.


Stress and burnout can leave you feeling numb with a dimming life force, your inner light reduces. 


By practicing yoga and yoga nidra you are taking that special time to focus on intentional rest, your well-being, and refilling your cup. 


Adopting a balanced approach and incorporating self nurturing practices into your lifestyle you can counter the effects of stress and anxiety, improving your wellbeing and quality of life.


By incorporating some self care - like practicing yoga nidra regularly - you are building self confidence and nervous system resilience.


By putting aside time for your selfcare you are you are...

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