Developing your yoga - awesome home practice tips


A home practice will transform your yoga and self in many ways...

For many it is the next step in their yoga journey, for some it has been an unwelcome necessity during this pandemic, but either way, you CAN develop a beautiful home practice that will have many benefits for your wellbeing.

A yoga practice with intent is called Sadhana, and it's powerful, personal and may even change your life!  (Your Sadhana is of a spiritual nature and the focus is not only on doing poses to gain physical mastery. It's about what's on the inside as well.) 


But there can be many obstacles along the journey, and initially it can be helpful to have some guidance and to know that although there maybe barriers, there are also solutions.


Here's some of what I've heard and may have even said myself sometimes in my 21 years of yoga teaching - 


  • I'm too busy/  I don't have the time to practice any other time than when I come to the studio


  • I...
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