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Welcome to Aroha Nui Yoga!

Aroha Nui Yoga is an holistic approach to your wellbeing

I am a Yoga Teacher known for my intuitive approach, passion for yoga and te Ao Māori and inspirational teaching style that embodies physical, spiritual, and mental wellbeing. 

I encourage students to practice yoga to maintain a healthy Mauri/ Life force, Tinana / Body, Hinengaro/ Mind and Wairua/ Spirit

With the health and balance of these pou, we are able to care for whānau and others, enhancing all of our relationships

I have been teaching since 2000, having trained and certified in; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced teaching, as well as; Pre Natal, Yoga Nidra (guided deep relaxation), meditation and restorative and therapeutic yoga. I have trained with IYTA NZ, Ashram Yoga NZ, Judith Hansen Lasater, Sally Kempton and many more amazing teachers in New Zealand, Australia and The United States.

I am a Māmā to four beautiful children, and have spent the last 18 years running my retail fashion and yoga businesses in Helensville, alongside raising a family.

Recently, I closed my retail business to focus on teaching yoga.

I am also currently on a learning journey of the natural healing practices of my ancestors-  Mirimiri

( bodywork ) and Rongoā ( traditional plant medicine )

and Te Reo Māori ( the Māori language ) and the art of Karanga

My classes are friendly, accessible, fun, strengthening and relaxing.

Each class ends with a deep relaxation to let go of tension and unlock your energy, you will leave feeling relaxed, grounded, and renewed.

Aro- to direct

Ha- the breath/ one's essence

Nui- abundant, vast, plentiful, important

Aroha Nui,



To deepen your experience

Coming up next - Term four and Te Kākano- four week beginners programme! See our Timetable to book.




Matariki Candlelight Yoga Celebration

July 19th

Aroha Nui Yoga

6 Commercial Road



Please come and celebrate the Māori New Year with us with Star Flow and Glo Yoga by candlelight, Releasing and Intention ceremony and meditation, and kawakawa teas to finish

This beautiful evening is to celebrate life, renewal, our connection to nature and the cosmos

Come and join us for this wonderful celebration!

Cost -$25

Please Book asap to secure your place


Book Here




Past events:

Te Ara ki te Ngakau Harikoa

The Path to Happiness

A Chakra Masterclass with Linsey and Ratnamurti

Change of Date!

Join us for this very special event on

Sunday March 31st

10am - 4pm

We are once again taking a deep dive into the secret inner world of the chakras, focusing on the first three chakras to release inner happiness.

The beautiful gifts they offer are expression, joy and connection to source

This Masterclass will include- Yoga asana practice to activate the chakras, meditation to unlock their gifts, discussion, deep relaxation to release tension, and more.


Cost- $108

Please bring a Vegetarian dish for lunch to share

Venue- Aroha Nui Yoga 6 Commercial Road Helensville

Date - now on Sunday March 31st

Time 10am - 4pm

Please book here

spaces limited 

Past events-

Awakening the Goddess Within- One Day Mini Retreat

Come and activate your inner Goddess with Yoga, community, deep relaxation, meditation, and healthy delicious food!

Our goddess for this mini retreat is Hine-ahu-one, our very own Māori goddess and this is the first time we will be learning about and practicing with her. She is made of Papatūānuku Earth Mother and Ranginui Sky Father, and is the first human. From her humans were born into the world.

Yoga is the practice of the goddess, the feminine energy is activated and brought up through the energy centres. Activate your inner goddess on this day through our unique practices of Intuitive Flow Yoga, and Deep Relaxation Goddess Meditation, sharing of delicious local vegetarian food, kawakawa tea and more.

Come take your place in the wāhine circle to share the beauty of this day infused with goddess energy to be uplifted, empowered and rejuvenated. 

AROHA NUI FLOW YOGA : encourages the energy to flow freely throughout the body and energy centres and allows us to reconnect with our essence.  You do not need to be a yoga expert, the yoga is gentle enough for anyone to attend, options are given for a range of levels, if you can breathe you can do this yoga!  Deepening and complementing this experience will be the Deep Relaxation and meditations infused with goddess goodness!


Our Goddess Within Retreat for Wāhine


Enables you to access your feminine power, relax and renew your mind, body and spirit and explore what it means to be a Goddess - Māreikura in the modern age of managing roles, responsibilities and whānau.

These mini retreats are held over a weekend and include, comfortable shared accomodation at the studio, all delicious vegetarian meals and snacks, daily yoga classes, meditation and workshops, plus more!


Each retreat varies and is run on a Goddess theme. 

Past retreats have also included some of the following- soak in the private natural thermal springs at Parakai, spas and saunas (5 minutes from the studio), Aromatouch massage, movie night, creating flower yantras, a rose havan ceremony, free time to rest and relax in our beautiful studio and more.

Please sign up to our Newsletter to receive details of up coming workshops and retreats.

Our Workshops:

 Our Workshops enable you to dive deeper into your yoga practice, self development, or healing. And create practices you can use, on the daily, to enhance your concentration, strength, balance and sense of wellbeing.

From developing a Home Practice, Exploring the Chakras, to experiencing the magic of the Oro Atua Māori Sound Healing Journey with Jerome Kavangh, our Workshops keep your practice fresh, and your journey exciting.


Please sign up to our Newsletter to receive all the news on coming Workshops and Retreats. 


Students Experience

"I attended the Hine Ahu One One Day Mini Retreat in January 2019 and totally loved it!

To be honest I wasn’t really sure what to expect and people did ask me why I was going all the way to Helensville when I’m surrounded by yoga studios in Wellington city.

Over the years, I’d dabbled with Hot Yoga as well as various yoga classes at my gym and other studios. I used to think that yoga didn’t really click for me; that it wasn’t my thing. And then I met Linsey.

Linsey attended a wāhine Māori leadership hui I held a couple of years ago and then spoke at the following one.


I enjoyed her calm, gentle, quiet, steadfast presence. I love how she is connecting with our own Wāhine Atua and incorporating it in her yoga teachings and practices to help us activate our inner Goddess.

The Retreat definitely delivered and then some!


It was relaxing, uplifting and I left feeling invigorated and ready for the new year. I have found myself feeling more connected to, and comfortable with, my feminine energy.


I’ve incorporated meditation into my daily routine and try to remember to stop and breathe during the day. I’ve noticed I’m calmer and more relaxed. I’ve stopped rushing.

So, if you are looking for relaxation, calmness, harmony, balance and beautiful yummy kai, I highly recommend Linsey and Aroha Nui Yoga."





“Linsey’s friendly, self-contained studio is meditative and calm and welcomes with soft lighting, colourful cushions and warm blankets for relaxation.


A qualified and dedicated teacher, Linsey brings her energy, training and presence to each class.


Her soothing voice leads us through classes, sometimes vigorous and sometimes not vigorous, but always with a surprise or two.

At the finish I am always amazed at my feelings of ease and inner peace.

For me, stepping on to my mat is cause to breathe deeply and relax.  Soon after I begin I notice my body relaxing and a feeling of letting go.


There is no high stress or high demand and I can enjoy being where I am.


 The practice gives me a wonderful flow-on effect making me feel great for the rest of the day.”

– Linda Unsworth

"Since starting yoga with Linsey late last year, I’ve quit smoking, I’ve started eating better, feel motivated to be more active and after each class, I sleep like a baby.


I’m doing better in my job and when I do have an off day, yoga helps me to regain perspective, reground myself and move on.

I can’t begin to describe what a difference it has made to my life and I’ve only been doing it for a term and a half!

I’ve noticed almost as a by-product that my shoulders are becoming more flexible and for the first time last week, I was able to put the backs of my hands on the floor when doing a full body stretch!

I was worried before I started that I would feel self-conscious as I’m not in great shape but I needn’t have been.


I love the fact that the classes are a very individual and personal experience without the need to look great in lycra.

I would absolutely recommend these classes to anyone wanting to give it a go."


- Lisa Baxter

"I just wanted to tell you I am LOVING your yoga classes!

You are an empathetic teacher and I really respond to your lovely, low key, calm approach.

The space is just beautiful also. I appreciate the effort you have put into making the environment welcoming and peaceful.

It's the first time I have ever looked forward to ANY class that involves physical exercise!"

-Jo Chiswell  


"I have found Yoga especially beneficial and measurable to balance my mental and physical wellbeing, as I feel lighter and more energetic.

I enjoy the benefits of a weekly class not only to keep my muscles toned and flexible, but also to have the opportunity to have a guided and deep relaxation.

Linsey is a knowledgable, dedicated teacher who keeps the classes FUN!"

-Gabriella Donaldson 

"I've always done Pilates & I never connected with yoga until I was (firmly yet lovingly!) encouraged to attend one of Linsey's workshops.


I was instantly hooked by her teaching, & you will always find me in her Thursday night classes having a wonderful time cocooned in her beautiful studio. She is very VERY good at her mahi & I cannot recommend her highly enough!


100% worth the trip from Waimauku to the 'Ville."

-Nadine Armiger


"I enjoy the classes because they keep me sane! Taking time out from my busy life for my health helps me to relax. I've learnt to BREATHE properly. I can now relax myself through my breathing and I am able to meditate. 

I have more flexibility and I am stronger.

I have found the classes to be meditative, and peaceful and I enjoy the spiritual and holistic aspect of Linsey's classes.

The workshops have enlightened me on the spiritual side of yoga, I have learned so much, particularly the latest workshop on The Heart Chakras ( Te Karanga o te Manawa) - what I learnt blew my mind!

I recommend you to come along to a class. You will gain so much from it. Attend a workshop, it will open your mind to the spiritual and holistic side of yoga. 

Linsey is a great teacher, every workshop has been different. I have learnt so much and am so grateful to Linsey for her classes, and teachings."

Janice Pickwell.


About our classes

Using my training in Hatha, vinyasa, restorative yoga, meditation and yoga nidra, these classes enable all students to participate, by tuning into our breath we become present in the moment, and flow with our own energy.


It is not about forcing the body into poses, you are inviting the body to go to it's own natural edge.

Aroha Nui Flow Yoga brings you into the moment.


Yoga that starts just where you are. Connecting with the breath is integral to our classes. 


The breath is the life force and the connection to our essence and our source.  

From beginner to more advanced, you do not need to be flexible or fit to attend. Aroha Nui Flow increases your strength, flexibility and balance over time.


It also improves your breathing and offers you a chance to let go and relax deeply.


In a fast paced busy world it brings you back into balance. After the sessions you will feel relaxed and renewed.



Te Kākano - The Seed :

A four week intro programme for absolute beginners in yoga.


Experience the benefits of yoga, connect with the others on the same journey, leave feeling renewed and restored.


Yoga gives you energy, helps to strengthen the body, improves your range of movement and gives you tools to release stress. 


You do not need to be flexible to do yoga. This course starts where you are and gently takes you through to easily participate in general yoga classes by the end of the programme.  


There will be no casual option for this programme. 

Starts 6.45pm Wednesday October 16th

Cost Early Bird until October 7th -$54

$60 Thereafter


Book here now to receive early bird pricing and ensure your place!

Regular Courses at Aroha Nui Yoga:

Thursday 9.30 am- Aroha Nui Flow

Tuesday 6.30 pm - Aroha Nui Flow Advanced

Thursday 7.00 pm - Aroha Nui Restorative Flow and Beginners

Beginners are welcome in bothThursday morning and Thursday evening course options, however we can't take new new beginners after week 4 of the course.


Tuesday's class requires a level of understanding and previous experience in yoga, such as understanding the link between the poses and the breathing, so that you feel comfortable with the flow of the class. 

Classes are 90 minutes and include mindful movement in poses (asana), breathwork (pranayama), and guided deep relaxation (yoga nidra) and some meditation. Classes are holistic, they are for every part of you.

Courses run for between 8 -10 consecutive weeks, four Terms per year.

There is an Early Bird discount if you pay before the early bird date- so please do sign up soon!

Aroha Nui Flow Thursday 9.30am

Fees depend on length of term for full details go to our timetable.

You can book online here

Please note Casual spaces are by arrangement, please contact us to book. We do not have online booking for casual spaces.

Casual ( when space available ) - $20.00

A great class to begin your day!- All levels are welcome- options will be given for you to progress safely and at your own pace. 

A lovely mix of restorative and dynamic yoga. Ends with breathing exercises, meditation on the breath and yoga nidra (deep relaxation) , leaves you feeling both invigorated and grounded, ready for your week ahead.


Fees depend on length of term for full details go to our timetable.

You can Book online here

Please note Casual spaces are by arrangement, please contact us to book. We do not have online booking for casual spaces.

Casual ( when space available ) - $20.00

Tuesday 6.30pm - Aroha Nui Flow Yoga Intermediate- Advanced 


This class is suitable for all those who have previous experience, however you do not need to be a pretzel to attend!

To enrol in this class you need to have attended at least one term in our other courses or have a previous history of yoga. 

It can offer more of a physical challenge for some, though options are given, and it will also leave you feeling relaxed.


Aroha Nui Flow Yoga is a full holistic experience and benefits the mind, body and spirit.

If you have injuries or are pregnant please discuss this with me first before enrolling in this class.


Casual Classes are by arrangement when space allows - however this class fills up quickly so please be aware we may not be able to offer casual spaces. If you are booking for the term, please be quick to avoid disappointment. 

Fees depend on length of term for full details go to our timetable

You can book online here

Aroha Nui Restorative Flow Thursday General Class 7.00pm 

Fees depend on length of term for full details go to our timetable

You can Book online here

Please note Casual spaces are by arrangement, please contact us to book. We do not have online booking for casual spaces.

Casual -( when space available ) - $20.00

This class is suitable for beginners, or those with experience. If you are pregnant or have injuries please contact me before enrolment.


You will leave feeling relaxed and restored.

A great class to learn in a welcoming and supportive environment. Those with experience will enjoy this class for it's restorative benefits, relaxation and releasing tension.

Terms and Conditions- 

  • Please note we do not have refunds or make up classes for missed classes. Classes are not transferable to someone else unless by previous arrangement.

  • Please honour and respect your body at all times and do not force or push the body into poses, let us know if you are pregnant or have injuries or are recovering from an illness before enrolment.

  • Please do not use your phone during the classes and turn them off before entering.

To book - go to our Book Online page or Contact us.

Mauri Tū, mauri ora.

An active soul is a healthy soul.


 Contact me to find out more about my practice and how it can benefit your life.

©2019 by Aroha Nui Yoga.