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Welcome to Aroha Nui Yoga where you will find beautiful yoga classes and retreats to renew your mind, body and spirit....


Hinengaro - Mind

Yoga helps you to build nervous system resilience and to manage stress, stay calm and clear, it gives you the tools to increase your ability to self-regulate.

Tinana - Body

Yoga poses release tension, help to strengthen and relax your body. Flexibility and balance are maintained with regular practice. You do not need to be flexible to begin to practice yoga.

Wairua - Spirit

Connect to your true essence, expand your awareness, find peace and joy within. Yoga gives you a path to go deeper into self and pure awareness. A regular yoga practice supports you on every level.

Beautiful yoga courses and retreats

Online and in person courses to help you feel your best, to maintain balance in life, give your self nourishment, rest and renew your energy.


Renew your mind, body and spirit.. 

I have been a yoga teacher for over twenty years and love leading retreats, guided meditations, mindful yoga classes and more to help people to release stress and allow their true nature to unfold.

I love seeing students fall in love with the transformative benefits of their yoga practice.

Yoga helps you to manage stress, connect within, and increases your resilience.

You will leave the classes feeling relaxed, restored, renewed and ready to face the world...




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"I have completed a 10 week yoga course with Linsey and it has proven to be the best health investment for me. My body -tinana is stronger and lithesome, my mind - hinengaro is clearer when our sessions end with a calming meditation, and my spirit -wairua is lifted with positive energy! It's a marvelous way to maintain a healthy Mauri. He kaiako mauri tau mōku. Ngā mihi maioha ​"

Carol Lallenec

"I attended the Hine-Ahu-One Retreat and found that Linsey facilitates in a gentle way, throughout which the yoga & stories weave an experience like nothing I have felt before. The Goddess Hine-Ahu-One is the focus and inspiration throughout the practice and the day. For a deeper dive into a relationship to your divine feminine, I recommend gifting yourself a day off from the World, your world, retreat and be present for whatever you may find "

Chrissy Heathorn

"I enjoy Linsey's calm, gentle, quiet, steadfast presence. I love how she is connecting with our own Atua wāhine and incorporating them into her yoga teachings and practices to help us activate our inner Goddess. The Retreat definitely delivered and then some! ​ It was relaxing, uplifting and I left feeling invigorated and ready for the new year. I have found myself feeling more connected to, and comfortable with, my feminine energy. ​ I’ve incorporated meditation into my daily routine and try to remember to stop and breathe during the day. I’ve noticed I’m calmer and more relaxed. I’ve stopped rushing. ​ So, if you are looking for relaxation, calmness, harmony, and balance I highly recommend Linsey and Aroha Nui Yoga." ​ ​"

Awhimai Reynolds

"Since starting yoga with Linsey, I’ve quit smoking, I’ve started eating better, feel motivated to be more active, and after each class I sleep like a baby. I’m doing better in my job and when I do have an off day, yoga helps me to regain perspective, reground myself and move on. I can’t begin to describe what a difference it has made to my life! I was worried before I started that I would feel self-conscious as I’m not in great shape but I needn’t have been. I love the fact that the classes are a very individual and personal experience without the need to look great in lycra. I would absolutely recommend these classes to anyone wanting to give it a go. "

Lisa Baxter

"While my weekly class is a refuge . . . an oasis . . . a time of unspoken sharing with others . . . and a place of unconditional restoration, it is the on-going benefits that most impact my life. I now find 'yoga' in everyday life - the little pearls of wisdom, encouraging comments I recall, reminders of what your body could do to help your mind 'sort and solve', the self-awareness . . . and of course the 'practice' when I manage to do it! For me Linsey is an inspiration. She models yoga in such a 'real' way and shares her knowledge with a quiet patience that is inclusive and kind, and that allows me to reflect peacefully in my own way. Thanks, Linsey, not just from the bottom of my heart . . . but from every part of my grateful mind and body! "

Michelle Hildreth

"I totally enjoyed the online classes. Such a bonus not having to leave the house through the winter months. I enjoyed the way Linsey keeps me in the moment, staying connected and giving respect to each stretch, pose and breath...I have the best sleep afterwards!"

Marion Leth

"I have been taking private one to one sessions with Linsey for a while now, we started in her studio but during Lockdown moved to Zoom, which I love. I appreciate the classes as they help me to create greater work-life balance, before yoga I was in need of 'Me Time' dedicated to my self-care. I love the private sessions with Linsey as she is a very experienced and empathetic teacher, and has such a calm demeanour! After each session I feel very relaxed and revitalised, centred and ready to face the world. I find yoga with Linsey to be therapeutic, calming and centring. I would highly recommend yoga with Linsey for your physical and mental wellbeing, it is a must do every week to maintain your health."

Jane Burmester

"Wow! What a powerful class! I felt firmly grounded yet somehow connected to the Universe simultaneously. The class was definitely 'potential in action', and I was amazed at the self-revelation of what I am capable of! Linsey skilfully reveals to you not only the abilities you already possess, but your potential to take your yoga practice to new heights, all while cultivating the energy of the class to bring the elements together in aligned flow. Much like the Magician, Linsey is the conduit converting spiritual energy into physical action. If you want to be inspired to 'level up' in your practice, then I highly recommend a class with Linsey at Aroha Nui Yoga. "

Jen B

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