Aroha Nui Yoga For Calm Mini Course

This programme is designed to lead you into a state of calm and peace. It will transform your mood, and leaves you feeling blissfully relaxed. It includes easy to do practices for the body, mind and wairua (spirit)  Simple practices to increase nervous system resilience and calm, in the comfort of your own home.  This course includes; mindful movement, breathing practices, and a guided deep relaxation, for increased calm and nervous system resilience.  It includes practices that will benefit your body's ability to balance, and improves your range of motion, flexibility and strength, plus helps you to manage stress and anxiety, all from the comfort of your own home. Take each practical short video separately, OR they can be combined for a full 1.5 hours of flowing yoga, breathing and meditation, structured to bring you to an increased level of calm and relaxation. Time honoured, authentic yoga techniques, all available to you in one programme, plus practice tips sheet, and email help and guidance, if you need it. Included in this programme is a beautiful guided deep relaxation meditation. This releases stress and tension, and increases calm - this simple and powerful practice can be done on its own, at anytime you choose. Learn yoga with a trusted and experienced teacher, who has guided hundreds of people to a greater state of calm, for more than 22 years. You do not need to be fit or flexible to do it.  Do as often as you like, with no time pressure or deadlines. BONUS -  there is now no time limit on this course CLICK to Buy now        

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Yoga for Calm PLUS Guided Relaxation bundle

In an uncertain world these online programmes offer you a chance to relax deeply, let go, and enjoy greater calm. Pre recorded so that you can do at ANYTIME you need or desire. What you will receive -  'Rongoā Moemoeā - Guided Deep Relaxation' audio programme - PLUS-  'Yoga for Calm' - self paced mini course, together for one special price! The Yoga for Calm mini course offers easy to follow videos, short practices to promote Calm and relaxation, including -  Karakia- incantation to clear the path. Then we move into the Grounding Breath Awareness practice - these two practices alone transform your energy and bring you into the moment! And then we move into several gentle mindful movement practices- to open up the energy pathways, keep joints healthy and release tension, moving into mindful movements for the spine, and a balance practice, followed by breathing for a balanced nervous system, and ending with a heavenly guided deep relaxation to leave you relaxed and renewed.   ALL of these can be done individually - or flow into one another for a full 90 minute practice.   This programme helps you to stay healthy, strong and flexible as well as relaxed, and gently guides you into a state of CALM. PLUS ! 'Rongoā Moemoeā' -  AUDIO programme- A Guided Deep Relaxation programme to leave you feeling deeply relaxed, calm, refreshed and stress free.  IF you are experiencing stress, having trouble sleeping, experiencing mental and physical tension, this programme is for you! It is effective and works fast. You will be gently guided by Linsey's soothing voice through a choice of two beautiful relaxations of 15 and 25 minutes, it includes a pdf guide to practice tips too! Both these programmes are suitable for beginners or experienced yoga practitioners. They are authentic and time honoured tools for transformation. You when you purchase these programmes together.  Click to BUY now and experience greater Calm in your life.

$97 NZD

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