Tips for doing yoga online

With many of us now taking yoga classes and courses online I  wanted to share with you a few tips to enhance your online yoga journey.

You may already be familiar with these but a wee reminder now and again is often helpful.

For live classes on Zoom download the Zoom app before classes start and have a play with it, ask a friend to have a meeting with you to test everything is working and then when we have classes you are ready to go!

  • Devote yourself to this time as you would going to the studio - turn off your notifications or leave your phone in another room (unless using it for joining the class!) This is your time for you and you are worth disconnecting from the outside world for a while.


  • Inform your whānau/ family, or flatmates that you will be practicing yoga for your self-aroha, a gentle 'please do not disturb' reminder can be helpful! They would not have access to you if you were in a studio so please remind them and set your boundaries.


  • Arrive about 5 minutes before the start of class to settle in and check that everything is working. I mute everyone during classes so there is no background interference. Please don't unmute yourself until the end when we say goodbye.


  • If doing the classes Live - Connect to your yoga friends in the class, I always give you an opportunity to say Hi and check in before we begin.


  • Keep the link in a safe place, and remember it's on our Facebook Private Group page too.


  • Go at your pace with respect for your tinana/ body and where you are at this time. Yoga is non competitive and not solely focused on achieving poses so please do not force or push your body into poses. Practice at home gives you even more opportunity to tune into your own body as there are less opportunities to look around and compare yourself to others. Everybody and everyone is different, there is no one size fits all for yoga, you may leave things out if they cause pain or feel wrong for your body. 


  • Focus on your breath...this will help you to stay centred and focused on your practice regardless of what is happening around your space at home.


  • Prepare your space, make sure it is safe and comfortable, and have a blanket, cushions and water handy for your practice. The time you used to take to drive to classes can now be the time you take to prepare your space and self for the practice.


  • Keep practicing! That is the most important thing....


  • Just do ONE thing...maybe you are not doing the Live classes with me, if you are on Yoga for Calm, or perhaps doing your own practice and struggling to get to it, just do ONE thing, chances are you will stay and do more because it's the initial action that creates the momentum. 


  • For more tips please read previous blog post here on creating a home practice. Learning from home with a teacher may even lead you further and deeper into exploring your own sadhana, katahi ano ka haere tonu, just keep going!


I am enjoying teaching online and have received fantastic feedback on the classes this term.


If you are hesitant to learn online with me why not purchase a Fantail 'one off' Casual pass, as an introduction to how we roll here. 


The Tui Pass is also available to purchase if you enjoy the classes. The Tui is a four class pass. Get your pass here


If you prefer to do your practice in your own time and at own pace then the Yoga for Calm self-paced programme is perfect for you. It is a gentle programme perfect for all levels with options to do just relaxation, breathing or exercises. 


Do you have questions or concerns about the online class format? Please email me [email protected] I am happy to answer your questions.


Please sign up to the email newsletter here as this will give you all the info on upcoming courses, classes, free classes, and early bird specials.


Ngā mihi aroha!

Linsey x




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