5 things to include in your home practice

 - You are ready to start your home practice journey...

but you don't know exactly what to do?... you are not alone, this is something I hear often at workshops and classes, so this post aims to give you a simple way to look at what to do, with 5 essential things to include.

With a little home practice you create more space for true transformation, rather than just coming to a class once a week to catch up on your wellbeing, which is still an awesome thing to do!

Is your time in class like therapy? For many years I have often asked students what they would like in the session, and almost every time it turns into a list of body parts and muscle groups that need attention! This is understandable, but total focus on only the physical can be a block to going deeper in yoga. 

Is yoga physical therapy?

Yes it can be with a knowledge teacher, and it can be more too, because yoga is about the elimination of suffering.


However, remember that a 'general' yoga class is often shared with many others, who may have differing needs, and although group classes are a great place to be, you can go further and take more responsibility for your own self care, or healing and growth, with a home practice.

 - investing in private classes, workshops, or creating your own home- practice are all ways to learn more, and personalise your yoga.

Your health and wellbeing are worth it. And you will never look back! 

 5 tips on what to include in your personal home practice:

1. a breathing practice

for focus, relaxation, and the nervous system - remember that breathing deeper and slower activates the para-sympathetic nervous system - taking us out of fight and flight and into rest and digest, or stay and play mode.

This can be as simple as awareness on the breath at the belly or ribs, and remembering to extend your exhale gently.

My top tip - focus more on the exhale rather than forcing a deep belly breath, you should naturally breathe in deeper without effort. 


2. your sankalpa / resolve or positive affirmation

We practice for more than just a flexible body. This is a powerful time when you are aligning mind, body, and spirit so why not use it for your highest good or deepest desire? 

My Top tip - begin your affirmation with "I AM _____" and affirm a positive quality you have and would like to amplify in your life, or if you have a specific goal something that you wish to achieve for yourself.


3. mindful movements - for all directions of the spine 


In my experience as a teacher and participant of yoga, I like a balanced practice rather than one focused on just one or two movements. You don't need to have masses of time, the Sun Salute includes most movements, additional movements would be a gentle twist, and some side to side moves.


Do slowly and with awareness. Be sure you are warm before you begin to stretch. A short walk, taking a shower or practicing mid morning or later in the day, rather than first thing when you wake up- are ways to do this. You don not need to rise at 5am and salute the sun literally, you can do it metaphorically!


My Top tip - keep it simple and respect your body at all times


4. a focus practice

A focus practice can be on a mantra, or a visual internal image or symbol, something you can come back to when the mind wanders. You can do your focus practice before you begin, or to end your practice.


My Top Tip - Breath awareness or yoga nidra is better for night time, allow your focus to be gentle


5. shavasana, or deep relaxation for 5 - 30 minutes 

Helps to process, integrate your practice, and is essential to mental and physical wellbeing. It has a positive effect on the nervous system, and can take you from fight and flight to rest and digest. Guided deep relaxation also makes up for sleep deprivation, and is a de- focus exercise which actually increases our ability to focus when we need to.


My Top Tip - use a guided deep relaxation / rongoā moemoeā such as my audio programme available HERE 


I have one EXTRA  BONUS tip of what to always include in your practice - and it is:

           self- compassion


Be gentle with your self and face your practice with a loving heart.


Please do not use your yoga practice- or lack of one- as another way to beat your self up. Love yourself and your body and CELEBRATE what it can do today, take joy in your practice!


Remember that you are caring for your whole self, and enhancing your life, with your practice. Enjoy.



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Linsey xxx


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