Wish upon a star...

Mānawatia a Matariki - New year greetings!

During our yoga this term we spent the last two weeks setting intentions- called a Sankalpa in the yoga tradition I am trained in. This was to honour and mark the beginning of Matariki, before the re-emergence of the star cluster known as Matariki or Pleiades. To harness the energy of this powerful time, the power of the stars and ritual, to bring our desires and wishes from our hearts and minds into fruition...


The kaupapa involved focusing on one of the nine stars-


Hiwa-i-te-Rangi - The Wishing Star... 


... sending our wishes, hopes and dreams to the stars ...that is one of the roles of Matariki wā, when the star Matariki rises she brings with her her children, one of which is Hiwa-i-te-Rangi, the wishing star...so now is the time to release your wishes and dreams for the coming year.


In yoga we use the power of Sankalpa - a resolve or intention for that which you wish to bring into your life - this can be on any level; mental, physical or emotional but it is  good idea to make it meaningful and encompassing of any lesser goals. Because we keep our sankalpa until it has manifested in our lives, and because it is a very potent seed we are planting into the subconscious mind.


You make your sankalpa at the end or beginning or both of the guided relaxation, just when the brain waves have changed - the space between being awake or asleep - when we are relaxed and open and receptive.


Like sending our dreams to the wishing star we are releasing and affirming our deepest desires for ourselves and our lives, we are commiting to our dreams by repeating them to ourselves.


What is life without a little magic? With out hopes and dreams and wishes? Any changes we make for our betterment and the betterment of others starts as a wish, a dream, that we may formulate into a plan or goal. 


If you don't know what your sankalpa is, think of it as affirming your intention, formulate it out of your desire, wish or goal, into a short positive statement or sentence- we use the same statement or sentence everytime you repeat it- until it comes to fruition.


Make it simple, direct and to the point, repeat it with faith and meaning. You can use it at other times too, before going to sleep at night, upon rising in the morning etc.


It's not about fixing ourselves, but rather staying the course of something we really believe in, and although it's for you, others often benefit, after all being happy and fulfilled certainly can make us better to be around and inspiring to others.


In yoga our sankalpa helps us along the path , which is often known as the path of least resistance, or going with the flow, after all a ships master doesn't steer the ship straight into a rock or a dangerous part of the ocean. This is why we make the sankalpa during a relaxed state, we are not hard focusing on achievement, we are simply stating that this is who we are becoming, this is the direction which we are going....like sending our dreams to Hiwa at Matariki, we are sending to the star within too.


The meaning of Sankapla is - an intention formed in the heart and mind - a resolve to do something, which precedes action...


Hiwa means -to be watchful, alert or to focus on, it can also mean to be vigorous in growth, or to be active and robust...


Have you been able to spot Matariki this year ? Do you have a ritual or way to celebrate Matariki? Or maybe plans to next year when it becomes a public holiday in New Zealand? 


If you want to learn more about Matariki I highly recommend reading The Star of the Year by Dr. Rangi Matamua.


Until next time - may all your wishes come true and Mānawatia a Matariki! 

Arohanui, Linsey x



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