PŇęmanawa - The Beating Heart- Holistic Yoga for Wellbeing¬†


Kia ora, my name is Linsey and I have been teaching yoga for over 20 years, I help people to de-stress, relax deeply and connect within, through holistic yoga practices such as physical poses, breathing exercises, meditation and guided deep relaxation.


I assist you to develop a yoga practice that gives you consistent results, helps you to release stress, relieve tension, improve your strength and flexibility, sleep better and feel better. 


Aroha Nui Yoga offers many benefits for your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. 


Our small, friendly, semi-private group classes offer a safe haven and place to land, in order to release, renew and restore. 


If you are just starting out or have been practicing yoga for years, you will love my method of teaching for holistic wellbeing, developed over two decades of training, practice and teaching.


Experience all the nourishing effects of Aroha Nui Yoga - in the absolute comfort of your own home, with this course.

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You don't need to be fit or flexible!

The Aroha Nui Yoga method gently improves your flexibility and strength, and helps you to de-stress.

I have developed this method over many years of training, teaching and practice. 

It is a method that allows for each individual to feel comfortable within the group, growing at your own pace, and taking ownership of your practice.

Aroha Nui Yoga is holistic, balances the nervous system and goes beyond physical benefits alone.

With this online course you don't need any special equipment, and can show up as you are. Age and experience are not a barrier to receiving the benefits of Aroha Nui Yoga.

The method has been developed from my training in Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Meditation and Trauma Informed Yoga for the Nervous System. 

Nau mai haere mai! Welcome to PŇęmanawa - Yoga for Wellbeing.


Aroha Nui Yoga is more than just a physical practice, it's an holistic approach to health and wellbeing to help you achieve balance.


Unlock the power of yoga, with online yoga classes you can experience the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits, without leaving your home.


Discover the power of yoga to transform your mind, body and spiritual wellbeing. Feel good about yourself.


I’ve been so impressed by how incredibly good Linsey is at delivering online classes.


I receive all the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual benefits, without leaving the house, and I’m so grateful…


Having the recordings available is so helpful if there’s a clash between commitments and I can't make it to the Live session.


In all the uncertainty & change we‚Äôre going through, knowing I can still access my yoga practice is a little anchor of stability: 'he toka tŇę moana, a rock standing firm in the sea.'


Nadine Armiger


PŇęmanawa -¬†Yoga for Wellbeing


Manawa means heart and pŇę means origin or source in te reo mńĀori.


This course comes from my home studio in Aotearoa - New Zealand, it incorporates some te reo mńĀori - in an easy to follow way.


While most of the instructions are in English you can gently pick up phrases in te reo m√£ori, infused seamlessly into the classes.


This makes our classes totally unique, as no one else in the world is offering this!


It is a beautiful course that nourishes the mind, body, soul and manawa/ heart - and that is why it's our beating heart here at Aroha Nui Yoga.


It is perfect for those seeking greater wellbeing, better sleep, strength and flexibility, balance, and stress relief from the comfort of your own home (and an opportunity to hear te reo and maybe pick up a few phrases along the way!)


It goes beyond perfecting poses and nourishes EVERY part of you.


Combining physical postures, breath work, and each class ending with guided deep relaxation, and/ or meditation, to help you achieve a greater sense of peace, balance and wellbeing. We offer 8-10 lessons depending on the length of the term, each lesson is 80 minutes and recorded for your future use. 


Although our classes are gentle they also offer some challenges, so that you feel stronger, and your range of motion increases over time with regular practice.


Aroha Nui Yoga helps to:


  • Reduce the effects of stress¬†


  • Improve mental clarity


  • Increase physical strength and flexibility.


  • Improve your posture and balance, and reduce the risk of injury.


  • Develop a greater sense of self-awareness, and connection to your body, mind, and wairua/ spirit.¬†


And it is accessible, regardless of your level of flexibility, age or fitness level.


Join live via Zoom - or opt to take the classes in your own time.


All recordings are available for  4 months, and you can choose when and where you take your class.


Our unique classes promote holistic wellbeing - wellbeing of the mind, body and wairua/ spirit so that every area of your life benefits.


Begin where you are. Come as you are and start your wellbeing yoga journey.


With online yoga there's no more rushing to classes only to arrive late, or miss the class altogether. Just logon and find your bliss!


Recordings mean you never need to miss your weekly class again- and you can do your favourites over again as many times as you like!


Our doors are now open for our next ropu/group!

The term begins in May and ends in July, we then take a few weeks off, to return for Term 3 in August. Book now to ensure you are in for Term 2.


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Live online classes or self-paced - you choose!


Join us Live on Zoom or take the class at a time that suits you and your schedule, never miss a class with four months of access.


Learn an easy to follow class structure, that allows you to grow at your own pace.


Options are given by an experienced teacher, so you are in safe hands.


Well structured classes that give your body and mind the variety it needs, with the familiarity it craves.


Enjoy improved health benefits for your nervous system, Aroha Nui Yoga encourages greater resilience and goes beyond the mat, and into daily life.


You get direct access to your teacher - with over 20 years of experience in teaching. Reach out on chat, via the Facebook Group or via email. 



Aroha Nui Yoga is transformative...


You'll love having an experienced, compassionate and respected yoga teacher at your place to guide you.

Experience yoga that helps to -

  • Decrease anxiety
  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce pain
  • Gain strength
  • Relieve the effects of stress
  • Improve mental clarity


New intake begins May 14th



Only four times a year we open the doors to this course.


Each week you will have the option to join a new, unique, class with me, an  experienced and respected teacher, in the comfort of your own home.

The classes are kept small so they can be curated to your needs, and retain a private class feel.



What you receive : 

 *4 months access to all classes and bonus classes, tips and yoga wisdom.

*Weekly 80 minute live classes for 8 weeks with a small group of yoga enthusiasts

*PLUS 3x bonus pre-recorded classes

*Authentic holistic yoga with an experienced teacher of over two decades

* Option to do the whole course self-paced. 

*Option to practice the class camera on or off

*A relaxing guided meditation to end each class to leave you renewed and restored


* Weekly Live classes + recordings, Plus - Tips, Bonus classes, Private Facebook Group and teacher access for all your questions *

Just $147 NZD


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Testimonial - 


"After a session both my mind and body are very relaxed.

In the evening the sessions help me to unwind and rest, I love lying on my mat, under a blanket, feeling safe, warm and nurtured by your soothing voice.

It helped me to go into sleeping mode at night, but time out to do this for myself during the day was also divine!


From a mental perspective I feel that the meditation enhances my focus


I like how you bring a 'sankalpa' or resolve, into the session, to confirm a change I would like to manifest in my life, this has helped to carry me forward in everyday life.


I value the teachings so much! And I'm so glad I can attend classes from home!"


- K.R


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Nau mai haere mai!


A course to improve the well being of your mind, body and wairua/ spirit


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Testimonial - Lisa Baxter 

"I was worried before I started that I would feel self- conscious, as I'm not in great shape, but I needn't have been. I love the fact that the classes are a very individual and personal experience, without the need to look great in lycra. "

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Enjoy deep rest and renewal.

Soothe your body and mind.

Learn practices to stay grounded through life's challenges.

Aroha Nui Yoga helps your body to keep moving - staying strong and flexible, to meet the challenges of everyday life.

Enjoy guided meditations and relax deeper than you thought possible.

Receive 4 Months of holistic yoga in your own home, to do as many times as you wish.

Join our supportive community of like minded people, you don't need to be fit or flexible to join, begin or expand your yoga journey with me now.



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