'Te Puna Ora' launches Online

Updated: Jun 8

Kia ora, this week our online yoga journey continues with the launch of next four week course online- 'Te Puna Ora'

'Puna' means a spring or well, or to flow or well up, and 'Ora' means Life, vitality, health, and wellbeing.

Te Puna Ora is the spring of wellbeing, and it's available to you wherever you may be and in the comfort and safety of your home.

This will initially be a four week programme, there is the option to do a one off class also.

Due to the success of the online classes we hope to continue after the four weeks with more online offerings, courses, workshops and classes. This means we have been able to reach others that are outside of the Helensville/ North West Auckland area, to offer the wonderful effects of a regular yoga practice, and the on going benefits this brings to your life.

I created the name Te Puna Ora because to me this sums up perfectly what yoga is and also what it can help you to access within your self. Yoga is both a state and a means of getting to that state. It came to me after the wonderful feedback from students who have already taken our online classes either via zoom or in the Facebook Lives group.

At first I admit I was a little worried about teaching Live online, if I could still tune in to the students energy or they would be able to receive the benefits fully. Admittedly it may take a bit of practice to get the set up and tech right for both student and teacher, but once you have made your commitment to practice at home, it has many benefits, both the same and some different, from coming into the studio. You don't need to travel anywhere - which is plus for many people, you can be in the comfort of your own home, creating your own atmosphere that suits you, and continue to relax after the class is over. Thanks to the sessions being recorded, you can come back and do them again, or if you can't make the class, you can do it at another time. I still feel the energy of the group and the individuals, for me I say this is thanks to Hine hiko - the goddess energy of electrical energy!

The sessions will be delivered via Zoom, and continue on from our Te Kākano series, with many continuing their yoga journey with us and also joining those from our Facebook Live group sessions.

The sessions will leave you feeling strong, restored and relaxed, help to take the kinks out of the body (feedback from one student ), let go of the day, and bring you back to centre, to life, vitality.

At this time of Covid 19 we have to become adaptable and find ways to deliver to our students the same experience they would have in the studio. I have found that these sessions have been able to deliver for the participants.

I am forever grateful to the students for also being adaptable and open to new experiences and going with the flow of the current times, as turbulent as they may be, we can still access that place of peace and bliss that is within us.

Come and join us in this class to experience the well spring within you too. Connect to source, renew and revitalise.

Sessions are suitable for all levels, options are given for you to progress safely and at your own pace.

Meanwhile, the studio has reopened under Level 2 restrictions here in beautiful Aotearoa NZ. We are following the guidelines and offering our Tuesday evening and Thursday morning classes as usual, with a restriction on numbers to allow for social distancing, and areas marked on the studio for you to easily and safely social distance while getting your yoga fix. All classes need to be pre booked for contact tracing and you need to bring all your own equipment. We have mats for $5 pre loved from the studio.

I hope to see you soon in class or online - stay well and stay safe.

Please feel free to Book Online or contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Aroha Nui

Linsey x


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