Healing with yoga

I have just returned from a deeply moving, revitalising and nourishing weekend in Porangahau with the Queen of Karanga, Te Raina Ferris. 

I am learning about the taonga - treasure that is Karanga, it’s role in our culture and how important it is for our survival as a people.

It is truely a privilege and an honour to be able to attend these classes with other like minded Wāhine and makes me realise, even more, the importance of being with others on a similar path as your own. 

Yoga classes also offer us a chance to be around others with a similar path or intent, who want to stay healthy, look after themselves and or find peace ( if only from a busy household or job for an hour and a half! )

This gives us renewed energy to go forward looking after others, doing our mahi, creating and more.

Yoga also provides extra support for the immune system, adrenal function and nervous system. Some studies have shown that yoga,  even more so than walking in nature or listening to relaxing music, has positive effects on the immune system, such as healthy altered gene expression. Stress has been shown to weaken our bodies, however, a regular yoga and meditation practice can help you to manage stress.

Committing to a regular practice is the first step- a wonderful place to do that is right here in our studio. ....give yourself the gift of a healthy you...

I hope you can join me in yoga soon!

Arohanui x


"If we don't go within, we go without"

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