Inspired by the birds of the forest...the final term for 2021

It is hard to believe we have reached the final term for 2021 already! This term begins a little differently as we are currently in Lockdown in Auckland and the studio has been closed for 8 weeks now....


Some of you may be missing the kanohi ki te kanohi, face to face contact of in person classes in the studio. We have created a beautiful little haven here in Helensville for people to come into to receive their yoga and to relax in. It has been exciting and a privilege to have had so many students over the years coming into the space, adding their positive energy and leaving a little bit calmer and more at peace. 


But it is the essence of yoga practice itself that is the vehicle for you to find that peace within you. Your teacher is your guide and how you receive the teachings can be in many forms, at the moment online is that delivery space.


The winds of change have blown through all our lives these past two years, that is everyone on the planet, and so...

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