Inspired by the birds of the forest...the final term for 2021

It is hard to believe we have reached the final term for 2021 already! This term begins a little differently as we are currently in Lockdown in Auckland and the studio has been closed for 8 weeks now....


Some of you may be missing the kanohi ki te kanohi, face to face contact of in person classes in the studio. We have created a beautiful little haven here in Helensville for people to come into to receive their yoga and to relax in. It has been exciting and a privilege to have had so many students over the years coming into the space, adding their positive energy and leaving a little bit calmer and more at peace. 


But it is the essence of yoga practice itself that is the vehicle for you to find that peace within you. Your teacher is your guide and how you receive the teachings can be in many forms, at the moment online is that delivery space.


The winds of change have blown through all our lives these past two years, that is everyone on the planet, and so we have had to adjust our sails to ride with those winds.


Adjusting, pivoting, being flexible means we are staying home and often receiving our healing, balancing, learning, connecting and nourishment through our computer, which has its own set of benefits and challenges.


For me one of the benefits is that I have explored some new learnings with teachers I could not usually learn with, and have harnessed the energy left from not travelling to do these things into my own practice AND offerings.


So there are benefits to be gained from doing things differently, there's opportunities to explore new things, to see or hear things differently than when we are 'face to face', there are different ways to connect while keeping ourselves and our families and communities safe.


If you have been drawn towards diving deeper into yoga or self care there has never really been a better time for you to practice than now.


I've also been inspired to change things up a bit this term too....


My offerings this term are inspired by our manu - our native birds.


There is a strong relationship within our culture and also within yoga with BIRDS. Birds have spiritual meanings for māori and we are deeply connected to them. Manu /Birds and trees were created by Tāne Mahuta, whilst humans were co created by Tāne and Hina -Ahu -One, they came before us, so they are our older brothers and sisters, our tuakana.


In yoga many poses are named after birds, animals and nature. The yoga ancestors observed these things and emulated them in asana that often have their qualities - for example tree pose is grounding and helps us to be rooted yet balanced, crane pose helps balance and coordination, to gain strong and supple legs, to make us elegant and strong like the crane. 


In Aotearoa according to many traditions, the kiwi is Tāne’s eldest child, and therefore our elder brothers and sisters or tuakana. They offer us an older sibling’s protection.


The kiwi lost his wings after agreeing with Tāne to come down from the forest roof to protect the trees roots that were being eaten by bugs, and to live forever on the forest floor.


The kiwi’s ancestor helped Tāne-mahuta save his children, the trees. Kiwi volunteered to do this and has since been known for their integrity, loyalty and courage. 


Kiwi has become 'te manu rongonui '- our most well-known and loved bird.


The kiwis' beak digs deep into the earth to find the best nourishment, and so for these reasons I have named the Membership programme 'The Golden Kiwi'. The gold stands for abundance and being a bit lucky.




It includes two classes per week  for 8 weeks Live on Zoom, your own library of the recorded classes which will be available until January 19th 2022, plus entry to the Private Facebook Group for students. This includes community, extra monthly content and 3 pre recorded classes. This group is only for those who are enrolled in the courses.


My next offerings is inspired by the Ruru, I have an absolute love for the ruru (morepork). These beautiful small owls love to eat the puriri moth. As moths are attracted to light a clever ruru can be found waiting for them to appear. I witnessed this in Ohiwa Bay at my brothers house where they had a ruru visitor come sit on a fence outside their lounge every night to eat the puriri moths bedazzled by the outside light.


The ruru is also known as a female ancestor guardian Hine-ruru to some tribes and is a spiritual guardian or kaitiaki. She comes from the spirit world and has the power to protect, warn and advise. 




The Ruru gives you eight consecutive classes for Term 4. The options are Tuesday 6.30pm, Thursday 9.30am and Thursday 7.00pm. Plus entry to the private Facebook group with three recorded classes.



There are a few differences in the courses mainly that Tuesday nights Intuitive Flow requires a bit of experience as it flows from pose to pose, though you are always encouraged to go at your own pace and do what is right for your body.


Thursday nights is Restorative Flow, so focused a little more on practices to soothe the nervous system.


Thursday mornings can be more energising being a morning class but we like to mix it up and I always aim to create a balanced session for your nervous system.


My last offering is the Fantail  or Piwakawaka, the fantail is a well adjusted bird that is quite prolific and known to New Zealanders, they like to flick their tails and dart about to bring out their kai /food. For this reason the Fantail Pass is a one of drop in class pass. Once you have booked you will be sent the Zoom link. 



I hope that you will join me for yoga this term. I have taken care to create options that will suit everyone and hope there is something in there for you, if you have any questions or concerns before enrolling please do let me know at [email protected]


Arohanui, Linsey x 


P.S all classes are held via Zoom until further notice - when we get to Level 2 you will have the option to attend either on zoom or in the studio.


 P.P.S to place a booking in any of the Term Four offerings please go here .


P.P.P.S this term a donation from your bookings will be made to the Kiwis for Kiwis charity who operate in partnership with DOC to take kiwi from endangered to everywhere by funding kiwi conservation efforts across the country. 


EDIT - a new manu has flown in - The Tui is a FOUR CLASS PASS - see it in the offerings page. 


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